Seniors Outraged Over Global Warming Proposals

by William Yeatman on December 31, 1999

in Politics, Science

The global warming threat is the latest science fiction adventure. Senior citizens especially need to be diligent and concerned with the current efforts of politicans and bureaucrats seeking greater regulatory power by scare tactics over so-called global warming. The alarmists are using faulty science to reach untenable conclusions. If we allow the government to enact restrictive measures, whether by law or by a treaty agreed to by the U.S., we will face an energy crisis which will make the energy/oil crisis of the 1970s look like a minor league event.

Seniors would find regulations would affect the energy they use in heating their homes, would hamper their mobility, and would impose new tax burdens. American senior citizens will not buy any new schemes to increase their taxes and escalate federal regulations.

– James L. Martin, President, The 60 Plus Association

For more on the proposed treaty’s impact on seniors see the Impact on Consumers page.

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