Byrd-Hagel Redeux

by Julie Walsh on March 6, 2008

President Bush has just reaffirmed the unanimous Byrd-Hagel position established by the Senate in 1997, as its (otherwise unsolicited) Article II, Section 2 “advice”.

Let’s see if this is also how the warmists portray it, including aspiring occupants of the Oval Office, three of whom hail from the Senate one of whom was serving in ’97 and voted for the resolution.

Particularly galling is that Mr. Bush had the temerity to flatly state what the establishment media have so far refused to print, “We’re in the lead when it comes to new technologies. We’re in the lead when it comes to global climate change, and we’ll stay that way”. No no no, we need to “begin ‘investing’” in these new technologies!

That is, all have refused to reveal such things except the Washington Post, once, in a piece last fall wonderfully titled “White House Taking Unearned Credit for Emissions Cuts” – a week or so after our emission reduction was announced and only for the purpose of saying that (suddenly) U.S.-only emissions aren’t the important point and besides Bush shouldn’t get credit anyway.

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