Soros Buddy Funding Center for Climate Strategies

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on March 21, 2008

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Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch

William just summarized it, but today Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius just executed the broken-legged horse: she vetoed the bill that would allow two coal-fired power plants to be built in the state. Legislators tried to create a new law that would have overridden a ruling by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to deny air permits for the plants. The Senate has enough votes to override the veto, but the House does not, so lawmakers I spoke to earlier this week expect the veto to stand.

But what's of greater interest is that Sebelius, simultaneous with the veto, issued an executive order creating the Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group. This is another one of those state global warming commissions, and as I reported earlier this week, they have hired the Center for Climate Strategies to manage their policy development process. I've reported ad nauseum that CCS's work in dozens of states is funded mostly by global warming alarmists like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Energy Foundation, but in Kansas there is a new multi-million dollar resource paying the bill: the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation.

Who else has Sandler supported? They were instrumental in joining George Soros to create the Center for American Progress and Democracy Alliance. Gave nice contributions to ACORN, Oceana, and Environmental Defense too. For the first time in watching the maneuvers of CCS, we've discovered a bond not only to the environmental left, but the explicitly political activist left as well.

UPDATE 3:05 p.m.:

From the last 3 tax returns (tax years 2003-2005) available on Guidestar, other contributions (cumulative for the period) of note made by the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation (the Sandlers owned Golden West Financial until they sold to Wachovia):

ACLU: $6.5 million

American Institute for Social Justice: $3.2 million

Center for American Progress: $6.7 million

Human Rights Watch: $7 million

Natural Resources Defense Council: $350,000

Sierra Club Foundation: $500,000

Media Matters of America: $100,000

Oceana: $2.5 million

People for the American Way Foundation: $150,000

Sojourners: $219,000

Pew Charitable Trusts: $250,000

Also included are a number of contributions for asthma research and Jewish support organizations.

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