A little sunshine, please

by Julie Walsh on April 1, 2008

About those 33 solar panels for that home – their second, an 18-room job, of what would soon be three for our jet-setting power couple – that the Gores purchased after his presidential defeat, and as he ginned up what “60 Minutes” described as a monomaniacal commitment to the global warming cause. Tennessean Bill Hobbs had apparently done the homework for us. In short, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. Besides, run these numbers and you’ll see it has nothing to do with the economics of the matter.

Of course, it would be silly to wonder if everyone could foot such a monstrous bill, paying that much for so little impact but in order to live in the carbon-constrained world of Gore’s dreams. But a lot of things are silly to you and me that may not occur to people with mansions and multiple, bicoastal homes.

Which reminds us, as I previously noted, that there must really be something to hide about those “private donations from those concerned about solving the climate crisis”, accounting for the bulk of the Gore group’s budget, in order to present this $300 million ad campaign as the Gores’ project

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