Experts in Everything, Maybe

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on April 17, 2008

Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch

A "Statement on Climate Change" released in October by the Oklahoma Climatological Survey — the research unit of the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma — spouts the IPCC line on likely dire consequences absent greenhouse gas mitigation:

The continued warming of the climate averaged across the globe will create a cascade of climatic shifts which could impact Oklahoma’s climate….Across the globe, a warming climate will be beneficial to some and detrimental to others. Anticipating how this climatic shift will impact Oklahoma is of vital importance to state decision-makers. One of the greatest impacts will be the exposure of Oklahoma’s growing population and economy to water stress.

Motivating OCS to make strong recommendations for action:

OCS recommends that Oklahoma aggressively pursue four initiatives to address the risks of both climate variability and climate change. First, the state should undertake a comprehensive assessment of Oklahoma’s social and economic vulnerability to climate variability as well as climate change…Second, OCS recommends immediate funding of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s Comprehensive Water Plan study to identify existing as well as projected needs for water. Third, OCS encourages efficiency programs to reduce our growing demand for energy. Fourth, OCS recommends investment in renewable energy technology and production.

So much for sticking to your expertise…which by the end of their statement seem to hedge on their certainty:

Even if climate does not evolve as expected, these steps will yield long-term benefits to Oklahoma’s society and economy through reduced losses to existing climate and weather threats and cost-savings through reduced energy use. If climate does evolve as expected, Oklahoma will be better positioned to adapt to those changes without rapid social upheaval.

Just ask the experts!


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