Blue Dog Dem Getting Fed Up

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on May 19, 2009

Arkansas Democratic Rep. Mike Ross is one of three middlin’ congressmen on the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment who was targeted by the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund in a media campaign to support Waxman-Markey. Ross, one of 50 or so in the Blue Dog Coalition, told Arkansas syndicated columnist David Sanders last week he’s getting mighty miffed about Democrat leadership leaving his group out of the negotiation and writing of important cap-and-trade and health care reform legislation. On the energy bill:

Ross explained that it became obvious to him that the Democratic leadership’s strategy on cap-and-trade included blowing past the Blue Dogs on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Moderates on the committee responded by slowing down what was, in their estimation, a very bad bill.

“We were never brought in,” he pointed out. “We put the brakes on and tried to make it a better bill.”

But after nearly two weeks of work by the moderates on the committee, only modest changes were made.

“This bill is to the left of Barack Obama,” Ross said, adding that it could get worse during the final mark up.

That said, he predicts the controversial legislation will clear the committee and pass the full House, although without his support. And then he believes the legislation will go to the U.S. Senate and die.

Not a good way for Pelosi, Waxman and Reid to keep everybody in their big tent happy and cooperative.

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