Be ‘Like God’ and Rap ‘Medicinal Erotic Sorcery’ for Climate

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on September 8, 2009

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Over at American Spectator today I explain the origins and activities of the Alliance for Climate Education, which targets teenagers with global warming propaganda via high school assemblies. What I don’t think can be emphasized too much is the rapper that ACE believes is their most effective “educator” — Ambessa Contave — since he is their only presenter featured in their promotional video (a must watch). Contave is half of a duo called Fiyawata, and this is how they describe their music on their YouTube page:

“Our music is high frequency medicinal erotic sorcery that sways humanity into cosmic ecstasy.” Indeed, Fiyawata’s music is utterly compelling, luring the listener into a transcendent trance. There is fun to be had here, but this is an experience that extends well beyond mere entertainment. For Fiyawata, music is a being that makes the listener feel “ecstatic, energetic, all-powerful, vibrant and like God.”

Fiyawata also promotes a “solar-powered” hip-hop festival called “Grind for the Green.” Sounds like a potent formula to sway teenagers for your cause, huh?

Update 1:11 p.m.: The Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press-Democrat reports that an two ACE presentations were so popular at Windsor High School (north of the Bay area) that faculty added a third presentation.

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