Climategate: the Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Has Begun

by Myron Ebell on December 14, 2009

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My colleague at CEI, Iain Murray, just sent around a column by the well-known environmental and science writer Fred Pearce.  It appeared yesterday at Yale Environment 360 and is titled “Climategate: Anatomy of a Public Relations Disaster.”  The whole article is worth reading, but the last two paragraphs say it all.  Any comment by me would be superfluous:

“I have been speaking to a PR operator for one of the world’s leading environmental organizations. Most unusually, he didn’t want to be quoted. But his message is clear. The facts of the e-mails barely matter any more. It has always been hard to persuade the public that invisible gases could somehow warm the planet, and that they had to make sacrifices to prevent that from happening. It seemed, on the verge of Copenhagen, as if that might be about to be achieved.

“But he says all that ended on Nov. 20. ‘The e-mails represented a seminal moment in the climate debate of the last five years, and it was a moment that broke decisively against us. I think the CRU leak is nothing less than catastrophic.’”

bmatkin December 15, 2009 at 12:58 am

Wouldn't it be logical that when the alarmists find out that there is no AGW, they would be relieved?

Aren't you glad your children won't be dying in famine, tornadoes and high tides? Polar bears will be happy on the ice??

Catastrophic? Where is the collective sigh of relief?

Of sorry, that would occur if there was an honest debate, even a "precautionary one". It is proof positive of a scam, that when it unravels the losing side of the argument is "disappointed" with the truth.

In other news, global scammers have been rounded up by police on charges of fraud, racketeering, securities violations and wire fraud.

No?? Who's in charge of the hen house??

Francis Minor December 18, 2009 at 7:02 am

Great day's are ahead for those who live lives of TRUTH.

Every human on the planet knew this was all a scam to bilk them of hard earned money and to think they almost got away with it.

And Obama knew this was a scam before he got to Copenhagen and was well aware of the e-mails and what they said, so when he opens his mouth in Copenhagen, WATCH HIM VERY CLOSELY, AS HE TELLS LIES AND MAKES PROMISES THAT ARE ALL PART OF THE SCAM!!!!!!!

And he knew well in advance what the truth is and still he will commit to this raping of the American taxpayers.

If you were a Obama supporter before he got to Copenhagen, WAKE UP, he is as much part of the Gore scheme as Al Gore. They are 2 peas in a pod.

Discover the TRUTH!!!!


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