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by William Yeatman on October 15, 2010

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Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Is climate change activism dead?:
“In a wood panelled room in East London more than 100 people, including Britain’s only Green MP Caroline Lucas, gathered earlier this week for the ‘Climate Rendezvous’. The meeting was organised by activists Climate Rush to discuss strategies for raising the profile of climate change before international talks in Cancun, Mexico next month.”

‘Dual flush’ toilets among conservation proposals OK’d by Council:
Under a law passed by the City Council today, new toilets will have to be high water efficient or “dual-flush,” which allow users to choose between a high pressure flush for solid waste, and a low-pressure flush for liquid.”

Russia agrees to build nuclear plant in Venezuela:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reached a deal with Russia on Friday to build a nuclear power plant in the South American country and negotiated several other agreements in energy and other areas.”

Reform of Toxic Chemicals Law Collapses as Industry Flexes Its Muscles:
Fire retardants in baby blankets, nano-particles in cosmetics, plastics in water bottles and anti-bacterial agents in soaps.”

The Carbon Cycle and Royal Society Math:
The recent “rebellion” by senior members of the Royal Society (RS) forced it to revise their guide “Climate change: a summary of the science”. The new guide, published on 30 September 2010, has a single paragraph under the heading The Carbon Cycle and Climate. In that, it says:”

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