by Marlo Lewis on January 17, 2012

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“Ethanol ventures backed by billionaire entrepreneur Vinod Khosla — including Range Fuels, which built a failed factory in Georgia — were given the green light for an estimated $600 million in federal and state subsidies,” reports The Atlanta Journal- Constitution,

Yet,” the AJC article continues, “none of the dozen or so companies financed or controlled by Khosla over the last decade has produced commercially viable [cellulosic] ethanol. Some failed or, hamstrung by unproven technology and insufficient capital, remain behind schedule.”

The cost to taxpayers? “To date, the companies have tapped about $250 million of the $600 million. Even though they are now unlikely to ever receive the full amounts, tens of millions have been lost.”

Ken Green of the American Enterprise Institute had some choice words:

“These, quote, venture capitalists are basically venture socialists,” said Kenneth Green, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. “They’re getting large amounts of research money and loan guarantees to build pilot plants and other projects. They’re looking to socialize the costs of their efforts, but keep private the profits.”

To read the full AJC article, click here.

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