museum of art

Global warming alarmism long has marred energy politics; now, it is blemishing the art world.

According to a story in today’s Guardian,

Wind turbines lining the Mall; a shanty town at the foot of Nelson’s column; the Thames frozen under Tower Bridge; and a nuclear power station in Kew gardens. These are some of the artistic visions of a future London loosely inspired by the predictions of climate science.

The provocative images are part of the Museum of London’s London Futures show, a series of 14 photomotage pictures exploring how the capital might be affected by global warming.

This “art” is the work of Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones, who work at London-based communications company GMJ. That is, it was created by a PR company, no doubt funded by deep-pocketed environmentalist organizations. Which begs the question: Why is the prestigious Museum of London presenting an alarmist PR-campaign as art?