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My colleague Iain Murray today has an interesting post at the Washington Examiner, about the surprisingly green salaries enjoyed by climate scientists. This excerpt aptly sums his point,

So global warming professors are the tenth highest paid profession in the nation and the third highest paid profession in the public sector.  In terms of median earnings, they are paid as much as the average private sector CEO.

Mothers, have your daughter marry a global warming professor!

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Texas Battles Back

by William Yeatman on November 22, 2010

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The Washington Examiner last week ran an excellent three part series by Kathleen Hartnett White and Mario Loyola, of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, on a burgeoning conflict between the EPA and the State of Texas.

Part 1: EPA Is Offended by Texas’s Successful Permitting Rules
Part 2: Putting a Lid on Texas’s Economic Growth
Part 3: Doing the Environmentalists’ Dirty Work