Marlo Lewis Debates Global Warming Policy with Greenpeace

by Carl Wolk on February 3, 2009

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Ivan February 24, 2009 at 3:47 pm

For starters: the bias by the media is obvious,images that "support" global warming are shown while the greenpece side speaks, but nothing is shown for Lewis. As for ice breaking off, it's been happening for forever, BIG WHOOP. THe bottom line is this. Global warming advocates have yet to definitively prove that humans are causing the earth to heat up but they still want to push their social agendas through on the promise that "the proof is coming." If you look at how much CO2 is put out by the average swamp each year, multiply that by how much swampland has been drained, turned into farmland, and urbanized; multiply that by how many years have gone by since the land was unswamped, then compare that number to how much CO2 is being put out by humans you will find that we still have yet to make up the deficit. This means that THERE USED TO BE MORE CO2 IN THE AIR BEFORE CARS! AND THE EARTH DIDN"T FRY LIKE AN EGG! Until global warming advocates deal with facts like this they should keep their noses out of the social and government spheres. If they prove that humans are causing a "global warming crisis" (which I doubt they will) We wil listen to what they have to say. Until that happens though I for one will continue to regard golbal warming as an underhanded scam by Al Gore to create sympathy for himself and assauge his ego after losing the presidential election.

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