LibertyWeek 74: Copenhagen v. China?

by Richard Morrison on December 29, 2009

in Blog, Kyoto Negotiations

Richard Morrison, William Yeatman and Ryan Young join forces to bring you Episode 74 of the LibertyWeek podcast. We talk about the COP-15 post-game and China’s changing reputation with the climate change crowd starting around (7:00).

LP Bursten December 30, 2009 at 7:32 am

This site is just another dumb Competitive Enterprise Institute con job. The CEI are petroleum and coal shills. Fuel from algae is ready to roll right now and is carbon neutral, too. But the corporate shills who run this site would rather send millions to the Islamic world rather than employ Americans at a decent salary to make a fuel that will never suffer shortages and can be made in the US. Creeps like this are what's wrong with our economy- corporate traitors to the American people.

Even if you didn't believe in global warming, what about the Mercury in the coal released when its burned? Autism has now been positively linked to Mercury and the rates of autism are going sky high. What will happen to the nation if the rates of autism go higher?

These people are un-American and have total disregard for ordinary working people and are mouthpieces for the ultra-rich and the corporations. If you are a working person they are your enemy.

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