British conservationist dismisses wind farms

by William Yeatman on July 6, 2004

in Science

At the Lincolnshire Environmental Awards, noted British conservationist Dr. David Bellamy dismissed wind farms cost effectiveness as “rubbish” and portrayed the supposed benefits of wind farms in reducing CO2 levels as a “ridiculous claim.”

Bellamy expressed outrage at global warming scare tactics and commented, “The latest is that global warming is a bigger threat than international terrorism. Tell that to the people of New York.” Dr. Bellamy also questioned the science suggesting that atmospheric CO2 increases raise global temperature, saying, “A paper called Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations over the last Glacial Termination, has proven that increases in temperature are in fact responsible for increases in CO2 levels. Not the other way round as claimed by the wind lobby.”

The famed environmental campaigner also castigated the economics of the wind industry, saying that the argument that wind power will have a significant effect on reducing CO2 concentrations, “is a complete non-starter when you consider that Britain has about 1,060 turbines that produce about 0.35 per cent of our electricity needs. With only 28 per cent of our CO2 emissions coming from the production of electricity, this means that these turbines displace less than 0.1 per cent of total CO2 emissions.”

Dr. Bellamy also pointed out that, “The thousands of turbines in Denmark have resulted in them having the dearest electricity in Europe – more than double the price here” (Lincolnshire Echo, June 12).

An analytical speech and paper debunking the claims of wind power by Glenn R. Schleede, a well-known energy consultant, will be discussed in the next issue.

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