Business Roundtable report shows companies from all sectors are taking voluntary action to manage greenhouse gas emissions

by William Yeatman on September 21, 2004

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70 Percent of Roundtable Companies Have Already Signed up for Climate RESOLVE

Washington, DC Business Roundtable today announced that 70 percent of its member companies representing every sector of the U.S. economy have embraced voluntary actions to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by participating in its Climate RESOLVE program, which was launched in February 2003.

The Roundtables release of its first progress report on Climate RESOLVE coincides with the beginning of a two-day workshop for companies on ways to build and enhance programs to manage GHG emissions. The Roundtable has also launched a new ad campaign highlighting its member companies commitment to voluntary action.

The Roundtables Climate RESOLVE report presents results of a survey of participating companies which show that all of the respondents are putting in place the building blocks for effective GHG management and that 92 percent of these companies have taken or are taking measures this year to manage GHG emissions.

Climate RESOLVE demonstrates that effective climate change policies can be compatible with continuing economic and social progress, said Michael G. Morris, Vice Chairman of the Roundtables Environment, Technology & the Economy Task Force and Chairman, President and CEO of American Electric Power. We are delighted that so many Roundtable companies from every sector of the economy have joined Climate RESOLVE and have embraced voluntary actions to control GHG emissions.

New Initiative Focuses on Energy Efficiency in Service Sector

To further increase participation in Climate RESOLVE, the Roundtable also announced a new initiative to help non-manufacturing companies manage GHG emissions. The focused effort will include a guidebook on energy efficiency in office buildings and development of a new Web tool that provides step-by-step assistance in establishing energy efficiency programs.

Climate RESOLVE is based on the idea that effective action to reduce the GHG intensity of our economy requires a contribution from every company in every sector of the economy, Morris said. We have challenged all of our member companies to take part in the voluntary programs, and we are also committed to showing them practical steps that they can take to reduce emissions by using energy more efficiently in the buildings they occupy.

Part of the Administrations Climate VISION initiative, Climate RESOLVE (Responsible Environmental Steps, Opportunities to Lead by Voluntary Efforts) seeks to help meet the Presidents goal of an 18 percent reduction overall in greenhouse gas intensity in the U.S. economy by 2012. The voluntary program does not set a specific target for each company and allows individual companies to decide the most appropriate course of action.

Climate RESOLVE demonstrates that voluntary actions can deliver continued economic growth, meaningfully reduce the GHG intensity of our economy, foster innovation and promote investment in new technologies without government mandates and rigid compliance timetables, said John J. Castellani, President of the Roundtable. Our companies are leading the way in pursuing climate change by improving energy efficiency, sequestering greenhouse gas emissions and developing low-carbon technologies that can facilitate economic growth without corresponding increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Findings

Key findings from the Roundtables survey of Climate RESOLVE participants include:

  • 92 percent of respondents have reviewed their GHG emissions profile or are doing so in 2004.
  • 89 percent have taken or are taking actions to reduce, avoid, offset or sequester GHG emissions
  • 71 percent have established or are establishing written policies to track and meet GHG emissions goals.
  • 72 percent have reported or are reporting GHG management activities to the public.
  • 76 percent have participated or are participating in government-sponsored programs to reduce, avoid, offset or sequester GHG emissions.
  • 61 percent have invested or are investing this year in new technologies or products to improve energy efficiency, reduce GHG emissions or lower GHG intensity in the environment.

Climate change is a challenge that requires sustained public and private efforts by all countries, Castellani said. Our companies understand that improving energy efficiency is good for the environment and good business. This progress report shows that the climate has indeed changed in companies across America.

Providing Companies with Assistance

However, the Roundtable has committed to building on the solid foundation in the program.

More work lies ahead to strengthen Climate RESOLVE, and we will continue to challenge our members to do more to manage GHG emissions, Castellani said.

To give companies the insight and the tools to improve their GHG management programs, the Roundtable is continuing to hold workshops, conduct telephone learning sessions, offer one-on-one consulting support and provide examples of options to reduce, avoid, offset and sequester emissions.

The two-day Climate RESOLVE workshop for companies that begins today in Colorado Springs includes presentations from leading officials from the Administration, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, private sector officials with first-hand experience in managing greenhouse gas emissions and representatives of environmental groups. The Roundtable also conducted two workshops for companies in 2003.

The Roundtable has also been talking to international business groups about the importance of voluntary action in addressing global climate change. Last December, the Roundtable and several member companies attended a United Nations conference in Milan, Italy and discussed Climate RESOLVE during meetings with groups such as the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, Keidanren, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Chamber of Commerce.

To view a copy of the report Every Sector, One RESOLVE: A Progress Report on Business Roundtable’s Climate RESOLVE Program click here.

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