Kyoto protocol will cool the global economy

by William Yeatman on October 4, 2004

in Science

The destruction caused by four hurricanes in Florida and the Caribbean this summer has provoked sensational claims of climate changes caused by the capitalist economic system. The ratification of the Kyoto protocol by the Russian government risks not only damaging and economic costs for the global economy that are not fully understood. The protocol itself is also based on highly contentious interpretations of scientific evidence that are the object of serious criticism. These are the conclusions of a report issued on Thursday 30 September by a Brussels based think-tank. The report titled Earth warming myth published as part of the Institut Economique Molinari’s Economic Notes series examines the debate surrounding differing theories about global warming, and considers the costs of implementing the terms of the Kyoto protocol on the world economy.

Commenting on the report, Ccile Philippe, the institute’s President stated:

“To insist that current climate changes are the result of man-made global warming is no more plausible than blaming the government for rainfall. The measures proposed by the Kyoto protocol will cool down the global economy, without necessarily protecting the environment.”

 The debate within the scientific community concerning climate change is far from settled. More than 18,000 scientists have signed the petition launched by the Oregon institute of sciences and medicine, in the USA, to demonstrate opposition to the Kyoto protocol.

 Ccile Philippe sums up the debate:

“One wonders what the basis is for a treaty that proposes to swallow billions of dollars in resources to struggle against the ill-defined cause (the production of CO2 emissions) of a problem that may not exist (global warming). If it is clear that the emission of “greenhouse gases” has increased, we are far from knowing today what the real effects could be. The cost of restricting these emissions is however, all too clear.”

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