Tyndall Center proposes energy rationing

by William Yeatman on October 7, 2004

in Politics

Dr Kevin Anderson and Richard Starkey are developing a system called Domestic Tradable Quotas (DTQs).  Under this system, every UK citizen would have a ration of carbon emissions which they could trade in a market.
David Fleming, credited with coming up with the idea, explicitly tied the idea to the hugely unpopular rationing of commodities during and after the Second World War.  He said, When I was a child, in the years after the war, I didnt like sweets [candy] and sold my sweet ration to other children.  I suppose, in a sense, Ive been thinking about DTQs all my life.
Dr Anderson said, DTQs are a viable approach to carbon taxes.  As people make their choices the system will help drive the market to lower carbon approaches.  Weve all seen how protests can bring the country to a halt if the price of petrol increases by just a few pence.  DTQs could nurture much-needed public supportits all about giving people choices.
The idea has been proposed to Parliament by means of a ten-minute rule bill (which means it stands little chance of becoming law).  A second reading in the House of Commons is scheduled for this month.  (Innovations Report, Sept. 21)

See also our article on page 5 in the paper edition of EU Reporter for the week of 27-30 September entitled: “Orwellian Energy Saving Plan May Not Be Doomed In The Long Term”. To download the PDF version click here.

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