Epstein blames hurricanes on warming

by William Yeatman on October 26, 2004

in Science

Breaking with the scientific consensus that the intense hurricane season this year was unconnected with global warming, Paul Epstein, M. D., claimed that there was a connection in a telephone press conference (Reuters, Oct. 21).

Epstein said, This year, the unusually intense period of destructive activity, with four hurricanes hitting in a five-week period, could be a harbinger of things to come.  The weather patterns are changing.  The character of the system is changing.  It is becoming a signal of how the system is behaving and it is not stable.

Reuters quoted only one expert who disagreed with Epsteins analysis.  Florida State University meteorologist James OBrien said, Recent history tells us that hurricanes are not becoming more frequent.  According to meteorological measurements, extreme weather is not increasing.  Hurricanes are just one of many scientific fields where Dr. Epstein has claimed expertise where he in fact has none.

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