Russian Parliament ratifies Kyoto

by William Yeatman on October 26, 2004

in Politics

 The Russian State Duma ratified the Kyoto Protocol by a vote of 334 to 73 on October 22.  The upper house of parliament approved the decision on October 27.

The parliament also passed a statement indicating that the decision was purely for political and diplomatic reasons and was not justified on an economic or a scientific basis.  The statement says that Russia‘s obligations under the protocol will have grave consequences for its economic and social development.

According to Novosti, The decision to ratify the protocol was made with due consideration for its importance for the development of international co-operation and because it could not come into effect unless Russia participates in it.  Other sources suggested the European Unions willingness to allow Russians visa-free travel to the enclave of Kalingrad had a major role in securing Duma support.

French President Jacques Chirac telephoned President Putin to hail the decision as a major contribution to the development of multiparty international cooperation andtherefore highly appreciated in Europe and the whole world (, Oct. 25).

Once President Putin signs the ratification into law, the next step is for the Russian authorities to submit ratification documents to the United Nations.  Once these documents have been received, the protocol will come into force after ninety days.

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