Judge Tosses California Global Warming Suit

by Iain Murray on September 18, 2007

in Politics

In a major defeat for global warming alarmists, a California judge yesterday dismissed a law suit by the State of California that sought to blame the world's six largest automakers for damages it purported had been caused by global warming.

The judge (opinion here) held that the Court could not decide to what extent the automakers themselves were responsible for the problems the State alleged they caused:

"The court is left without guidance in determining what is an unreasonable contribution to the sum of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, or in determining who should bear the costs associated with global climate change that admittedly result from multiple sources around the globe"

The judge declared that it was for lawmakers, not the Court, to decide to what extent automakers were liable for any costs associated with global warming. He also found that ruling for the State would jeopardize the Administration's foreign policy negotiations.


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