Green Weak

by William Yeatman on November 6, 2007

NBC is heavily pushing "Green Week" — in celebration of which (and to do my part), I am turning off NBC to the extent it was ever on — offering a steady greengreengreen drone to help mainstream the moonbattery, conveniently in the week before Democratic candidates will have "an environmentally themed debate" (read: global warming).  And, oh, just imagine the fireworks!

Without such "cover" this kind of thing might appear a little frivolous at a time when it is fair to say that a lot of people have decided that there are real, serious threats to foucs on.  I mean, sure, they could have a "terrorism themed debate", but priorities, priorities.  Bill Clinton has put us on notice that the global warming threat is certainly greater than terrorism.

So, there will be two hours of talk about what they'd do about this or that. Strangely, our legislators don't want to have hearings on such "I would do's" that have progressed as far as taking bill form.  As Inhofe's staff director notes ion today's Greenwire, they instead want 9 months of hearings on the parade of horribles, and then to zip legislation through without time to analyze it or serious discussion.

Also, hearings include all sorts of people getting access to microphones.

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