Greens Finally Turn on Biofuels

by William Yeatman on November 21, 2007

It looks as if enviros have finally turned against biofuels. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the greens had remained faithful to the illusion that biofuels are good for the environment. In fact, biofuels pollute the air and water worse than gasoline, and they have a larger carbon footprint to boot.


Jeanne Cummings reports in the Politico that environmental groups are now so concerned about the environmental impact of biofuels that they are poised to oppose the miracle fuels. That opposition would likely sound the death knell for ethanol, which would be a marvelous development for the environment, the world’s poor, American consumers, asthmatics, cattlemen, etc. etc. etc (like the energizer bunny, the list of those harmed by ethanol goes on and on).


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