A destination with no road map

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on January 4, 2008

Climate Strategies Watch

Continuing with the theme from yesterday on Maryland's Commission on Climate Change, today in the Washington Examiner I dissect many of the interim recommendations sent by the commission to the Maryland General Assembly. This includes the carbon cap I mentioned, which is even more aggressive than California's:

However, if you ask anyone involved with the commission how they intend to reach those targets, you get the standard shoulder shrug.

“If you asked me right now, how are you going to do it? What exactly are you going to do? The answer is, I don’t know,” Tad Aburn, director of the state’s Air and Radiation Management Division within the Maryland Department of the Environment, told The Associated Press last month.

Speaking of Aburn, he is the one in charge of withholding from me on a public records request I made to the Maryland Department of the Environment, as outlined earlier this week in an Examiner editorial. MDE is telling me one thing (they have 12 pages that fulfills my request) and they are telling Red Maryland blogger Mark Newgent another (that they have 3700 pages and it will cost him $1381 to get what he's asking for).

My request seeks all records related to MDE's relationship with the Center for Climate Strategies, a global warming advocacy group cloaked in "objective technical advisor" garb for state commissions. CCS's process in every state where they work claims to be "fully transparent," so I am still wondering what they want to hide in Maryland.

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