Kucinich 1, Alarmists 0

by Julie Walsh on January 15, 2008

David Freddoso notes that MoveOn doesn’t think the media pay enough attention to global warming…pause, wait for laughter…because they haven’t asked presidential candidates about it, possibly even less than they’ve asked about UFOs.

IMHO, that’s an easy one.

Remember when USA Today ranked the top 25 stories of the past 25 years?  Was “the greatest threat facing mankind” one of them?  Nope, not any more than Al Gore ran for president on the issue.

Reporters covet their credibility as much as the next guy, and are aware that their consumers, like political consumers, know full well the tricks, deceptions and non-truths the press peddles in order to gain attention.  And that that’s what “global warming” coverage is, not an announcement of a grave threat.  Consumers may stand for moving stories about charismatic megafauna and things melting, but UFOs are a punchline; “global warming” is still at that uncomfortable stage where in this context folks wouldn’t be all that sure you’re kidding, and would be a little concerned about your priorities if you weren’t.

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