Indur Goklany Releases New Report on Economics, Equity and Climate Change

by William Yeatman on February 5, 2008

The Cato Institute today released a new Indur Goklany report, “What To Do about Climate Change.”

The study demonstrates that for the foreseeable future, human and environmental well-being will be highest under the "richest-but-warmest" scenario and lower for the poorer (lower-carbon) scenarios. The developing world's future wellbeing should exceed present levels by several-fold under each scenario, even exceeding present wellbeing in today's developed world under all but the poorest scenario. Accordingly, equity-based arguments, which hold that present generations should divert scarce resources from today's urgent problems to solve potential problems of tomorrow's wealthier generations, are unpersuasive.

Read “What To Do about Climate Change” by clicking here

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