Climate Storytime

by William Yeatman on March 14, 2008

Ellen Schroeder Mackey recently wrote an opinion piece for the Denver Post about the effects of man-made climate change. The piece is aptly summarized by the third paragraph, which reads:

“When we gum up the mechanisms that balance the ecology of the Earth, we will reach a tipping point of changes cascading so quickly that we will be unable to cope with them.”

That’s a pretty conclusive statement, is it not? So one might expect that Ms. Mackey is a scientist of some sort, right?

Wrong. Her byline describes her as a “librarian and storyteller.”

So the Denver Post went with an article about the impacts of climate change written by a “storyteller.” I am floored by the rich cosmic irony at work here.

BTW, a friend of the Cooler Heads Coalition, Denver’s Dave Bufalo wrote this great letter in response to Ms. Mackey’s piece.

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