Americans Less Worried

by Julie Walsh on March 20, 2008

 From Hot Topic Blog

Gallup has just issued the remarkable results of its 2008 Environment Survey, based on telephone interviews, conducted between March 6-9 with 1,012 adults in America, aged 18 and over: ‘Polluted Drinking Water Was No. 1 Concern Before AP Report: Global Warming Way Down The List’ (March 12)*.


Well, well, well! In this poll, “The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ or Global Warming” comes a lamentable 9th out of the 12 listed concerns. But, what is even more interesting is the fact that, for the ten environmental items that were raised in both Gallup’s 2007 and 2008 Environment Surveys, the percentage who report worrying “a great deal” about a problem is down in 2008 on 2007 for all ten issues.


For “Global Warming”, those declaring that they are worried “a great deal” fell by 4%, the second largest drop, jointly with “Damage to the Earth’s Ozone Layer”.


Interestingly, the the top four concerns for Americans all relate, in some way, to water quality, with pollution of drinking water the top overall concern (although even this was down) – so come back Professor Bjørn Lomborg, you were correct all along (though I never doubted it).


Gee, it looks like Al Gore and the glitterati have had a mighty influence on American worries about the environment, and especially so about ‘global warming’ – they are down across the board, with ‘global warming’ galloping, or ‘galluping’, in a trailing ninth.


Now that’s an inconvenient truth indeed!


Well done, Al, say I. Keep it up, lad!


[See also: ‘”Global Warming” Hype Backfires’, February 29]


[*The full details of the 2008 Environment Survey are here, and are Copyright © 2008 Gallup, Inc.]

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