The Disconnect

by Julie Walsh on March 25, 2008

What do Americans believe about global warming?

Evidently most don’t believe the globe’s small warming trend is a large problem. A recent Gallup poll said only 37% of Americans worry “a great deal” about global warming, less than last year. In fact, there are eight environmental issues that they are more worried about, including the pollution of drinking water, lakes, and reservoirs; loss of natural habitat for wildlife; and damage to the earth’s ozone layer.

And a NCPRR poll said that the majority of Americans wouldn’t even pay a penny more per gallon of gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, 72% of Americans said that the recent price increases in gasoline has caused financial hardship for them or their household, according to a new CNN poll.

Likewise, the world is skeptical of global warming’s crisis status.

And yet our Congress is considering a bill that would cost each American around $1,375 per year by 2030 and cause a gas price increase of 53 cents per gallon, according to the EPA(page 4), to supposedly alleviate global warming.

If Congress believes that only $600 per taxpayer of “stimulus” can keep us out of a recession, wouldn’t a $1,375 cost per individual send us into one?

These polls confirm why Al Gore’s massive new $300 million dollar ad campaign is needed to move public opinion.

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