More on Bush and Global Warming

by Julie Walsh on April 16, 2008

It appears that there has been some positive movement in the President's position:

One person briefed on White House deliberations said a cap-and-trade program for electric utilities was dropped from the package yesterday, after the White House was flooded with complaints from industry officials and lobbyists.

"It got pulled out. It happened somewhere between this morning and five o'clock," said the person, who said the Bush announcement still marks a significant departure from its policy for the last seven years.

It would still be better if he concentrated on what's wrong with the civil litigation under the environmental acts and did not announce any target, particularly a mandatory one, but this is good news, and all those who took their time to express their concern to the White House (yes, all you "industry officials and lobbyists*" [ha!] out there) should be thanked.

* Under most cap and trade schemes, industry would benefit at the consumer's expenses, which explains why so many industries are now lobbying for one. This is peculiar wording, to say the least.

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