Another European warning

by Julie Walsh on May 1, 2008

Avril Doyle of Ireland, who based on my past interaction with her I would describe as otherwise a generally sound Member of the European Parliament, offered another in a series of what Americans continue to miss–flagrant admissions and warning flags against doing a particularly reckless thing to ourselves.

As reported in Greenwire (subscription required), she referred to the notion of a trade war against countries reluctant to adopt the spectacularly "successful" EU Emissions Trading Scheme, a form of which all three candidates for president here endorse:

“‘[The trade war option is] very much Plan B,’ said Doyle. ‘We don’t even want to discuss it. … It's just on the top shelf there so the rest of the world knows we’re not going to destroy our economies without them coming on board and helping us.”

Now, we know their Kyotophilia has made them all millionaires from selling windmills to each other. So why in the world would Ms. Doyle say such a thing?

Oh well. Let's do it, too. A folly completely unburdened by any promise of impacting our cooling climate, to be sure. But, as Cyrano might say, "what a gesture!"

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