The Not-So-Simple Path to Concentrated Solar Power

by William Yeatman on May 9, 2008

According to an article in today’s Greenwire, Concentrating Solar Power technology has a bright future if

1.      federal renewable tax credits are extended;

2.      a federal 25% by 2025 renewable portfolio standard for electric utilities is adopted;

3.      a carve-out specifically for solar is included in the 25% RPS;

4.      European-style "feed-in" tariffs are adopted;

5.      more transmission lines to remote areas with high solar resources are built:

6.      a multibillion-dollar federal fund is created;

7.      a national cap on greenhouse gas emissions is enacted. 

If this level of government support were given to horse-drawn carriages and wagons, the era of the automobile would soon be a brief interlude in the age of the horse.



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