The State of Things To Come

by William Yeatman on May 27, 2008

“Congratulations! You have been chosen to participate in a new pilot program with Dominion Virginia Power,” the letter read.  Evidently my utility company, which has been talking for months about needing more power sources, is hard up. 4,550 customers have been chosen to: 1) receive an incentive to allow the company to cycle their central air conditioning on and off in the summer; 2) get a power-cost monitor; 3) get energy audits or energy-efficiency kits; or 4) my option—get programmable thermostats and meters.

What do I get with such an “opportunity”? I get lower rates during off-hours. (They don’t tell me what they are.) But I get higher rates during peak hours (1 to 8pm), and give the utility the authority to modify the temperature setting of my thermostat. Some deal. No thanks, Big Brother.

Do I also get the option to have them build another coal-fired power plant?

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