Love for Sale

by William Yeatman on June 3, 2008

Want to see ugly?

Go here, beginning on page 11, and look at the four pages of fine print breaking down the heaps and heaps of lucre being larded out by Lieberman-Warner rationing bill in order to corral special pleader, er, public, support.

We can thank green think tank/pressure group World Resources Institute for for this walk-through of the destination for the trillions this energy tax hike would reap in the name of a warming that even alarmists admitted in Nature magazine is actually cooling and will be for some time…casting the entire premise of the enterprise, very expensive PlayStation scary scenarios, in ever deeper doubt…and through a scheme which no one dares claim would actually do anything about the phenomenon were it before us anyway.

It's comforting to see the Senate spending a week killing this beast. Until it rises again next year, that is, presumably with fewer Senators ready and willing to fight back. I repeat my belief, possibly just wishful thinking, that at some point the public will pay attention.

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