CBS, MSNBC, AP Fooled by Climate Science Hoax

by William Yeatman on June 23, 2008

CBS and MSNBC last week carried an Associated Press story on groundbreaking new research suggesting that earthquakes are getting worse because of rising temperatures caused by climate change.

It turns out that the “research” in question was performed by Dr. T. J. Chalko, a huckster who has claimed that global warming will cause the world to explode.

CBS, MSNBC, and the Associated Press are three of the largest, most respected sources of journalism in the world. What does the Chalko debacle tell you about the state of science reporting in America? A simple Google search would have revealed Chalko’s wacky fraudulence in ten seconds. Yet none was performed; instead, an easily identifiable hoax was passed as the truth. 

So next time you read an alarmist headline, remember the name “T. J. Chalko”.

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