APA Wants to Greenwash Brains

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on August 14, 2008

Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch

Ever read a story and think, "I can't believe what I'm reading?" I had that experience this morning when I read this report in USA Today, with the headline 'Psychologists determine what it means to think 'green:'

Armed with new research into what makes some people environmentally conscious and others less so, the 148,000-member American Psychological Association is stepping up efforts to foster a broader sense of eco-sensitivity that the group believes will translate into more public action to protect the planet.

"We know how to change behavior and attitudes. That is what we do," says Yale University psychologist Alan Kazdin, association president. "We know what messages will work and what will not."

During a four-day meeting that begins today in Boston, an expected 16,000 attendees will hear presentations, including studies that explore how people experience the environment, their attitudes about climate change and what social barriers prevent conservation of resources….

From one research presentation:

News stories that provided a balanced view of climate change reduced people's beliefs that humans are at fault and also reduced the number of people who thought climate change would be bad, according to research by Stanford social psychologist Jon Krosnick.

His presentation will detail a decade of American attitudes about climate change. His new experiment, conducted in May, illustrates what he says is a public misperception about global warming. He says there is scientific consensus among experts that climate change is occurring, but the nationwide online poll of 2,600 adults asked whether they believe scientists agree or disagree about it.

By editing CNN and PBS news stories so that some saw a skeptic included in the report, others saw a story in which the skeptic was edited out and another group saw no video, Krosnick found that adding 45 seconds of a skeptic to one news story caused 11% of Americans to shift their opinions about the scientific consensus. Rather than 58% believing a perceived scientific agreement, inclusion of the skeptic caused the perceived amount of agreement to drop to 47%.

American Psychological Association leaders say they want to launch a national initiative specifically targeting behavior changes, including developing media messages that will help people reduce their carbon footprint and pay more attention to ways they can conserve. They want to work with other organizations and enlist congressional support to help fund the effort….

I don't think I really need to add any other commentary other than that now the "greening of education" doesn't stop at the grade school-through-college vehicles — it can be legitimately called an all-out propaganda effort that will include brainwashing by psychoanalysts.

Marvin Music December 30, 2008 at 2:58 am

"brainwashing" ?? I think this is only an attempt to make sure people are educated. I think such a claim of "brainwashing" could be made about children being taught about gravity in High School tool.

No deposit poker January 1, 2009 at 2:24 am

I agree with Beckham and He says there is scientific consensus among experts that climate change is occurring, but the nationwide online poll of 2,600 adults asked whether they believe scientists agree or disagree about it.

Great reply mate 🙂



compare prices January 3, 2009 at 6:06 am

Yes Sir,I agree with you.Its an attempt to washout the brains which is done at schools and i also agree with what you have said.Thanks for suggestion.

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Audi January 5, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Well thats a great step taken,Where it could have taken a six years before which would have really helped the earth and ozone depletion.Never late than before….

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