The Only Source of Heat

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on September 17, 2008

in Science

Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch

The John Locke Foundation (my former employer and current office landlord) hosted University of Alabama-Huntsville research scientist Roy Spencer at a luncheon (full video presentation is linked) in Raleigh yesterday, where he spoke about his book "Climate Confusion." Our local, ever-dwindling McClatchy rag (The News & Observer) sent a reporter over to cover his presentation, and gave Roy a fair shake, while also getting the obligatory opposition quote:

Bill Chameides, dean of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, said Spencer's arguments are what magicians call "ignoratio elenchi" or logical fallacy.

"We've looked at every possible form of heat, including clouds, and the only source of heat is greenhouse gases," he said, adding it's insulting that Spencer would suggest scientists are paid to come to this conclusion. "Scientists make their reputation on debunking theories."

I doubt even the IPCC would agree that greenhouse gases are the "only source of heat."

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