Climate Policy Lessons from Europe

by William Yeatman on February 2, 2009

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The recent European Union climate agreement provides a useful warning to incoming President Obama and his team when they consider what to do about global warming. The rhetoric from the EU may sound nice, but when it comes to translating words into action, Europe has shown that the job is harder than it looks. EU member states have found it very difficult to reduce emissions, meet renewable energy targets or create lasting green jobs.

See the full story at the Washington Times.

Dimitris Kyrkoy February 10, 2009 at 3:22 am

—THE REAL INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Global Warming is the new "Y2K BUG" spited out by Doomsayers and the European Nuclear Lobby—

The global warming theory is a theory that works only in computer simulations that were built upon unproven assumptions and ambiguous models. In plain english, the threat from the greenhouse gases exists only in paper.

None of what the simulations "predicted" during the past years for the year 2009 actually happened, as real life data show that the earth is in fact cooling (although the CO2 emittions got higher). For god's sake, why every one likes so much to ignore real life facts, but fancies to adopt every theory some kind of doomsayer spits out? You know, just like they also did with the "Y2K bug" and "oil will reach 200$ a barrel" threats doomsayers were spiting out during the past years. All of them proved false… Now with the "Greenhouse effect" myth, doomsayers and various lobbies (see below) are back, spiting out false threats for once more: The "positive feedback" assumption (one of the many unproven assumptions environmentalists are presenting as rock solid truths) is plausible, at least, and was proven totally wrong many times during the past, yet and theories are still built on it! This is like building a house on quicksand!!

Also, we have all heard that "the US emits 25% of all the man made CO2 emittions" (keyword: MAN MADE) yet nobody bothers to say that man made CO2 emittions make up only 3% of CO2 total emittions. The rest 97% is by nature itself! So, the US makes up only the 0,75% of TOTAL CO2 emittions!! How does this "inconvenient truth" feels?

The REAL reason the Global Warming theory exists:

1) There is no buisiness like eco buisiness.

2) Europe wants to prevent the USA from exploiting newfound oil tanks in Alaska and north of Greenland in order to increase America's dependability from the UAE (and weaken their economy)

3)The "nuclear lobby" wants to make nuclear power look good (france, germany and all many other Kyoto supporters, all have nuclear plants, and we ALL know what happens to the left overs of the nuclear fission…)

Some inconvinient truths, from the mind of a university student (that drives a 1.3 litre car and lives in a 32sqr meter apartment)

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