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by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on February 13, 2009

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Tom Peterson

I’ve catalogued a lot of evidence that the Center for Climate Strategies, the so-called unbiased “technical consultant” to states for their global warming policy commissions, is totally controlled by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council alarmism advocacy group. This is despite denials by CCS’s executive director, Tom Peterson. Well, in the research for my American Spectator piece yesterday (which explains how now CCS and PEC are now running away from one another — looks bad, ya know) I discovered yet another clear statement that CCS is totally controlled by PEC.

It turns out that last year PEC enlisted an executive search agency to find them a new president and CEO. The job listing (PDF) explained as follows with regard to the position’s responsibilities:

The President & CEO is responsible for managing the overall staff of 27, including four affiliated entities – Enterprising Environmental Solutions, Inc….The position has 8 direct reports, (including) Executive Director of Enterprising Environmental Solutions, Inc., chief operating officer, (etc.)…

Enterprising Environmental Solutions is the nonprofit PEC created and totally controlled (see tax returns), and is where CCS resides as a policy center. So…not only was there board control and sharing of staff, but in this clear statement the executive director of EESI/CCS was to report directly to the president of PEC. A reminder of what Peterson told me back in April 2007:

“The idea that we have advocates for PEC working on the North Carolina project is incorrect,” he said. “(EESI) does not have an advocacy mission, and it doesn’t have an advocacy history.”

By the way, EESI’s Web site has been taken down — I wonder why? Were there some legal problems with this arrangement?

Ron Arnold February 13, 2009 at 7:14 am

As a veteran researcher myself, I've been impressed by your thoroughness, focus and effectiveness. You are providing sensible people with a valuable tool in taking down the control freaks who promote global weather panic. This is another piece in a big puzzle for which we thank you.

Ron Arnold, executive vice president, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise

Cal Beisner February 13, 2009 at 10:02 am

I second Ron Arnold's commendation, Paul. What you're doing is painstaking work, requiring great patience and perseverance, and therefore attempted by very few, done well by even fewer. You're providing an invaluable service. May it lead eventually to Congressional hearings and perhaps prosecutions, if relevant statutes provide for them, of those who are abusing the process and so ripping off taxpayers.

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