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by Cord Blomquist on March 27, 2009

Affordable energy is under attack around the world, even though billions still suffer in areas where energy is scarce. Clean drinking water, safe methods of heating and cooling homes, and even basic life-saving medicines are out-of-reach for many in the developing world—access to energy would help to end this scarcity and save countless millions of lives.

Yet tomorrow, between 8:30 and 9:30pm in your respective time zone, you can expect to see participants in “Earth Hour” lamenting the very notion of energy use by shutting the lights off, unpluggin the TV, and presumably turning off the heat.  The World Wildlife Fund has organized a global campaign asking people to abstain from using energy for an hour.

What many caught up in this hype don’t realize is that not using energy for an hour is worlds away from what the WWF and other environmental lobbying and political groups are proposing.  Rather than leaving you free to shut things off for an hour or two, these alarmists believe we need governments around the world to ration, tax, and other restrict the use of energy.  This is an affront to our basic liberties, but also a life-threatening proposition for those living in the developing world.

So, rather than taking of the banner of the anti-energy, pro-government control brigade, I suggest that you join the Competitive Enterprise Institute in celebrating Human Achievement Hour.  You can participate by leaving the lights on, watching a movie, going out to eat, or doing anything else that’s a part of modern life.  You can also tell your friends about sites like GlobalWarming.org that are making the consequences of environmental alarmism known.

Also, check out the news coverage that HUman Achievement Hour has received and CEI’s video celebrating human achievement:

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Nancy Boykin March 28, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Just wanted to let you know I have all my lights and 2 TV's on! We cannot let the UN take control of the world over this mythical global warming. It is a hoax to take control, and this admin is going right along with it. Have they watched the weather this week? Blizzards, freezing temps etc.

Gulseren Mutlu March 29, 2009 at 9:13 am

We are celebrating Human Achievement Hour, as you call it, every day, every hour already. Why do we need a special hour for that? The Earth Hour on the hand, wants to raise awaireness about energy conservation. If there is only %0.00001 percent that we finished up selfishly all our energy reserves before we managed to develop alternative energy sources, would you like to take that risk and go extinct as a species? If humans continue on behaving in such a self and short-sighted manner – and I belive humans can do better than that-, we definitely will go extinct.

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