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by William Yeatman on April 15, 2009

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Spokesmanship Is Bliss
Chris Horner, American Spectator Blog, 15 April 2009

Several outlets have now picked up on Spanish economic professor Dr. Gabriel Calzada’s study of the economic impacts of Spain’s “green jobs” schemes touted by President Obama as our model to follow.

Beware the Geeks that Bring You Climate Policies
Michael Barone, DC Examiner, 15 April 2009

Beware of geeks bearing formulas. That’s the lesson most of us have learned from the financial crisis. The “quants” who devised the risk models that induced so many financial institutions to buy mortgage-backed securities thought they had reduced risk down to zero.

Obama’s Clobber and Trade
Peter Sapp, Pittsburgh Tribune Review. 13 April 2009

Global warming and increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are what former Vice President Al Gore calls “inconvenient truths.” But where they end, the guesswork begins.

Cap-and-Trade: Disaster Waiting To Happen
Terry Easton, Human Events, 14 April 2009

Heard of so-called “global warming”? It’s been shown to be another socialist scam to create massive government controls over a “crisis” which doesn’t exist. But, as Rom Emanuel, President Obama’s closest advisor has said, good socialists “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Especially if its imaginary.

Beware of Climate Conformity
Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 2009

The hypothesis that human activity can create global warming is extraordinary because it is contrary to validated knowledge from solar physics, astronomy, history, archaeology and geology. “But evidence no longer matters. And any contrary work published in peer-reviewed journals is just ignored. We are told that the science on human-induced global warming is settled. Yet the claim by some scientists that the threat of human-induced global warming is 90 per cent certain (or even 99 per cent) is a figure of speech. It has no mathematical or evidential basis.”

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