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by William Yeatman on April 22, 2009

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Exploding Myths on Energy, Environment
Drew Thornley, DC examiner, 22 April 2009

This year’s official Earth Day poster depicts a polar bear climbing a wind turbine that sits atop a sheet of ice floating at sea.  A catchy picture, to be sure, but hyperbole will not advance energy-policy discussions-especially when environmental goals must be balanced with the need to cope with a recession and rising unemployment.

Getting a Rise out of Us
Chris Horner, Washington Times, 21 April 2009

The Washington Times’ front-page story “Rising sea levels in Pacific create wave of migrants” (Page 1, Sunday) outrageously peddles a talking point circulated by activists such as former Vice President Al Gore. The article’s claim that human-induced climate change and sea-level rise spawned a migration of refugees from South Pacific island nations was found unsupportable by the only court to examine its merits (Dimmock v. Secretary of State (UK) for Education and Skills, UK High Court, Oct. 10, 2007).

EPA’s Endangerment Finding: Legislative Hammer or Suicide Note
Marlo Lewis, DC Examiner, 21 April 2009

EPA’s just-published endangerment finding puts a swagger in the step of cap-and-tax advocates in the Administration, Congress, and environmental groups. They believe the endangerment finding gives them a legislative hammer with which to beat opponents into submission. This is too clever by half.

Fears Over Higher Costs Dominate the Climate Debate
Dino Cappiello & H. Josef Herbert, AP, 21 April 2009

As Congress begins to debate climate change in earnest, the science is taking a back seat to economics: How much will it cost to slow the Earth’s warming because of man-made pollution – and what’s the cost of doing nothing?

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