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by William Yeatman on April 23, 2009

D.C. Takes Up Evils of Modern Living
David Harsanyi, Denver Post, 22 April 2009

Get ready for a dazzling display of environmental alarmism this week as Washington takes up the evils of modern living.

On Global Warming, Politics Trumps Science
Anthony J. Sadar & Susan T. Cammarata, Washington Times, 22 April 2009

The professional practice of pure science, like most other honorable life pursuits, has its opinion leaders, its majority opinion and its minority opinion. However, the mix of pure science with politics, which is necessary from a practical standpoint, has obvious pitfalls.

Fuzzy Math
John McCormack, The Weekly Standard, 22 April 2009

It’s just another inconvenient truth: If Americans want any of the government remedies that would supposedly save a planet allegedly imperiled by global warming, it’s going to cost them.

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