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by William Yeatman on June 8, 2009

Global Warming vs. the Real World
Christopher Booker, Telegraph, 7 June 2009

It might well be called “the tale of two planets”. On one planet live all the Great and Good who have recently been trying to whip up an ever greater panic over global warming, as the clock ticks down to next December’s UN conference in Copenhagen when they plan a new treaty to follow the Kyoto Protocol of 1997.

Side Effects of Greenie Alarmism
Jay Ambrose, Orange County Register, 7 June 2009

Eternal vigilance – that’s the only answer I can think of in the fight against a certain style of extreme environmentalism that, first off, would mendaciously fill you with fear to win your support for a cause, and then turn around and do something worse. It would deny the enormous human costs of causes it endorses.

Scientists: Think Twice about Green Transport, 7 June 2009

You worry a lot about the environment and do everything you can to reduce your carbon footprint — the emissions of greenhouse gases that drive dangerous climate change.

RUSS June 8, 2009 at 8:36 am



Bob R Geologist, Tuc June 10, 2009 at 10:13 pm

AGW, the acronym for the most preposterous hypothesis ever foisted upon the Earth sciences. It would be screamingly funny if it were not for the fact that our science challenged citizenry and officialdom were duped into believing we were in an unprecedented warm-up. Our planet was due to be consumed in an unstoppable firestorm if we allow carbon dioxide to increase even a little bit from the 380 ppm in the atmosphere today. Lets look at the FACTS. 1. CO2 is not a pollutent, it is a vital gas for the growth of all vegitation, all land life would starve without it. 2. CO2 does not cause warming, it follows warming by natural agencies such as the sun by as much as 800 years. 3. The 180 million year Mesozoic Era(dinosaurs, birds, flowering plants and mammals evolved). Life thrived in a much warmer than today atmosphere. The deep oceans warmed releasing most of their long stored CO2 and the air contained as much as 20 times the amount in todays atmosphere. This fact alone should put an end to AGW. And there are several more equally damaging FACTS out there.

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