Obama’s Wacky Science Czar Makes Headlines

by William Yeatman on July 16, 2009

President Barack Obama’s White House Science Advisor Dr. John P. Holdren (also known as “Dr. Doom”) is back in the headlines. A clever blogger has made available passages from a book that Holdren cowrote more than 30 years ago, about how the world is going to end, which is his favorite topic. The excerpts from the book document Holdren’s wacky solution to the supposed apocalypse: population control.

During his long and infamous career, Holdren has warned that the end is nigh on account of “ecocide,” global warming due to direct heating from power plant, global cooling due to particulate aerosol emissions, nuclear winter, population growth, and now, global warming due to greenhouse gases. Needless to say, Holdren has been proven wrong time and time again.

Despite this long and infamous career, Obama chose Holdren to be his top adviser on science policy, but I bet the President will come to regret his decision. Holdren’s record of zany zingers will make excellent scandal fodder for as long as he remains at his post. To read more about Holdren, click here, which will take you to a webmemo on Holdren I wrote in January.

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