A Democrat Governor Against Cap-and-Trade

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on July 20, 2009

In a  piece today about the Western Governors Association’s management of the Western Climate Initiative, I explain how there is a lack of enthusiasm from many of WGA’s members for WCI. I cited the criticism of cap-and-trade by two of the governors — Sarah Palin of Alaska and Rick Perry of Texas, both Republicans — as examples where they oppose the type of policy in WCI that they support via WGA. I discovered this afternoon another example of a WGA member doing the same thing: Democrat Gov. Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming. AP reports via the Casper Tribune:

Freudenthal’s long-held position on climate change legislation has been that it should provide certainty about the future regulation of greenhouse emissions. More certainty should encourage companies to invest in building power plants and other energy projects, he has said.

The climate change bill doesn’t provide that certainty, Freudenthal said Wednesday.

Freudenthal’s hardly against the limitation of carbon emissions, but he’s clearly stated his opposition to cap-and-tax of the type that WCI administers.

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