The Begley Ray-pore!

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on July 24, 2009

I could spend all my days hat-tipping Marc Morano at Climate Depot for the treasure trove of climate realism he posts there, but it’s almost like citing a Drudge link — what’s the point of drawing attention to a story that everyone else who follows Web news has already read?

Nevertheless occasionally it’s still worth doing, and today’s reason is Newsweek science editor Sharon Begley. Morano’s link calls her column in the August 3 issue “silly,” but for years Begley has been a doddering old media leftist whose science perspective parallels Helen Thomas’s political taint. Still operating as though weekly newsmags add insightful background to mainstream thought, Begley rambles through tired global warming alarmism peppered with her own clumsy brand of activist exhortation:

The loss of Arctic sea ice “is well ahead of” what the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecast, largely because emissions of carbon dioxide have topped what the panel—which foolishly expected nations to care enough about global warming to do something about it—projected….

In an insightful observation in The Guardian this month, Jim Watson of the University of Sussex wrote that “a new breed of climate sceptic is becoming more common”: someone who doubts not the science but the policy response. Given the pathetic (non)action on global warming at the G8 summit, and the fact that the energy/climate bill passed by the House of Representatives is so full of holes and escape hatches that it has barely a prayer of averting dangerous climate change, skepticism that the world will get its act together seems appropriate.

Time and Newsweek long ago were consigned to the advocacy bin with The Nation and Mother Jones, but even with their proliferation of Obama fawning, Begley is a curiosity. Rasmussen and Gallup polls show more public skepticism about climate alarmism than concern. Temperatures have gone down over the last ten years and even the New York Times is asking about the sun’s influence. Scientists are clearly divided, debunking the Gore-blustering “consensus.”

But Begley and Newsweek act as though dissent doesn’t exist, or worse, proving that the magazine doesn’t need Stephen Colbert to produce joke journalism.

Simon Says July 24, 2009 at 1:28 pm

Other than the articles that Marc writes himself (which are very good), the treasure trove you speak of is the hard work that other sites have put in actually searching high and low for that info. These news-gathering sites include Tom Nelson, Climate Change Fraud, Gore Lied, IceCap, and a few others. Time stamps show that after these sites post, they later appear on Depot. The point is that he gives no credit or hat tips to those actually doing the hunting and gathering. And because of his public notoriety, he probably gets more traffic than all the above combined. All of which is good. Just don't confuse his treasure hunting with the unpaid work of people who spend countless hours scouring the web for this information.

Karl July 24, 2009 at 6:33 pm

Yes, Morano does mine the blogs for these "treasures." He doesn't claim to be researching this stuff himself. He calls his site a "clearinghouse" for stories on climate change.

When I go to his site, I usually click on the links and read the stories from the original site. I'll then sometimes throw in my two sense in the comment forums. Kudos to Morano for drawing my attention to these sites.

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