CEI Scholar at Kentucky Coal Rally

by William Yeatman on August 4, 2009

Below is video of CEI’s Myron Ebell speaking about the American Clean Energy and Security Act (a.k.a., the largest tax increase in the history of mankind) to a coal rally last Saturday in Eastern Kentucky. There are 18,000 miners in Kentucky, and the coal industry supports thousands of more jobs indirectly. All of these jobs are threatened by the cap-and-trade energy rationing scheme that the House of Representatives passed in late June.

In light of the massive turnout–12,000, according to the event organizers, I’d say feelings are running pretty high in coal country.

A link to Myron Ebell’s speech can be found here.

Bob R Geologist, Tuc August 4, 2009 at 10:43 pm

I spent the final 1/3 of my career locating and acquiring coal reserves for oil companies and electrical generating companies. I am PO'd about it because this whole world wide effort (excepting China, India and Russia)are politically fixiated on taking drastic measures to curb carbon dioxide. In their ignorance of geologic processes they are prepared to bleed every possible tax dollar out of our citizenry and destroy our economy in the expectation they can cure AGW because it is a danger to mankind. A marvelous and worthy effort if it were true, and possible. I have been convinced ever since Kyoto that 1)there is no scientific proof whatever, even after expending over $30 billion in research (Competitive Maintenance Institute). 2)I am convinced as a geologist that during

the Mesozoic, the Earth underwent it's longest warm spell 150my. CO2

out-gased from the warm oceans to as much as 20 times todays value.

Life thrived and adapted. I know of no extinction events until the large meteor strike off the tip of the Yucatan Pennensula 65my ago. Continental drift has a major long range effect on climates (50 – 100 million yrs) and probably our planetary system's orbital position (Svendsmark) controlls our ice ages. Ocean currents, when our planetary positions are favorable allow warming at our poles. About 50my ago our planet's temperature began a slow decline until the polar regions iced up 14my ago. 1.75my years ago the cyclic ice ages of the Pleistocene period began in N. America, Europe and Asia. In America we have just emerged from our 5th Ice Age and are now in what is likely, just another Interglacial Period. As long as we have lots of ice in our polar regions, we are mostly just marking time until another ice age. Climate graphs of this inter- glacial (The Holocene) appear like normal weather though starting from a lower base line. Weather alarmists still are warning of an uprecedented warmup at this time, oblivious to, or desperately trying to avoud the fact that the world hasn't had a warmer year since the beginning of the 21sr century! Lying comes easy for Religious fanatics and that is what we skeptics have to endure.

Bob R Geologist, Tucson, AZ August 5, 2009 at 3:51 am

I believe the Institute cited above should have been “Competitive Enterprise Institute.” Bob R

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