Miss Fowler’s Misreporting

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on October 2, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote companion op-eds for the Washington Examiner and San Francisco Examiner about the effort by the Alliance for Climate Education to infiltrate high schools and recruit students to also push their alarmism agenda. The Examiner gave ACE’s Alisha Fowler an opportunity to write a counterpoint op-ed, in which she accused me of inaccurate journalism:

Unfortunately, Paul Chesser’s op-ed last week about ACE misreported many of our central tenets. The science behind climate change drives our work.

She followed the typical Leftist tactic of making an accusation without supporting it with evidence, as I address in my Examiner letter to the editor today:

I usually don’t respond to comments about my opinion pieces, realizing it’s always best to let everyone express their views. However, I do make exceptions in cases where I’ve been accused of journalistic malpractice, as was the case last Monday by the Alliance for Climate Education’s Alisha Fowler. The Oakland, Calif.-based educator alleged that I “misreported” ACE’s “central tenets,” yet failed to identify a single instance of inaccurate journalism on my part.

What could she have meant? Is ACE not funded by a wealthy wind energy entrepreneur for BP (a.k.a. “Big Oil”)? Are students not removed from their classes in order to hear ACE’s recruitment pitch for climate alarmism? Is ACE telling the truth when they inform students that they’ve lived through the 10 hottest years on record? Just what is the misreporting, Ms. Fowler?

Perhaps she could improve her own research about the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, where she’d discover the “consensus” that supports global warming alarmism is drawn from a small group of non-scientist government bureaucrats, rather than the “collection of more than 1,000” scientists she claims. When you accuse someone of shoddy work, you’d better show some evidence.

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