Climate Robo-Educators

by Paul Chesser, Heartland Institute Correspondent on October 6, 2009

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A few weeks back (and in subsequent op-eds) I introduced the latest student indoctrination effort to fight global warming, via the Alliance for Climate Education, which seeks invitations from high schools to deliver assembly presentations during class time. The group, which has started out targeting six regions of the country (the San Francisco Bay area, Southern California, Houston, Chicago, New England, and Washington, D.C.), presents climate misinformation and lies (To students: “You’ve lived through the ten hottest years ever recorded in history”) so as to recruit teens for the cause of further spreading alarmism.

Last week a report in the student newspaper for the private Loomis Chaffee School, near Hartford, Conn., illustrated that the presentations ACE educators deliver are heavily scripted. For confirmation, you might watch the group’s promotional video trailer, note the script highlights delivered by San Francisco rapper Ambessa Contave, and then catch the reported remarks from ACE’s New England educator Rouwenna Lamm:

  • “We all need to lower our emissions and raise our voices.”
  • “In 2009, we’ve inherited a world that’s all about living large.”
  • “Did you know that the average American teenager uses 20 football fields just to live?”
  • “You can’t see that, but what it means is ‘living large’ cranks up the world’s thermostat way too hot.”
  • “Climate change is real, it is dangerous and it was be stopped. You didn’t start it, you don’t want it, but you have to fix it.”
  • “Don’t discount the power you have as individuals and collectively.”

Most of the bulleted remarks copycat Contave’s recorded points. The outcome at Loomis? After giving classroom lectures on the science of climate change (certainly excluding the lack of upward change during the last decade), and at the end of Lamm’s evening presentation, many students immediately signed online ACE’s “Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels.”

Next up: Grade school global warming warning songs to the tune of “We Are the World.”

Bob R Geologist, Tuc October 6, 2009 at 10:08 pm

I never cease to wonder at the zeal with which the AGW crowd promote their rediculous, scientifically unprovable, hypothesis. They would wreck our economy with their desire to virtually eliminate the gas (CO2) that feeds us all. They exist on nothing but lies and invective towards the huge majority of honest scientists that know the truth. This money driven self deception will be the ruin of our once great country if they manage to drive us into this looming train wreck.

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